Benvenuti!  I am a military wife and mother of three.  I decied to start a blog to record our three year tour in Italy.

 I’m a thirty-something native Californian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science (that I haven’t used in almost 9 years).  While attending college in the L.A. area, I met my dh.  He was stationed at Edwards AFB in the middle of Nowhere, CA.  Ok, just kidding.  It’s in the middle of the Mojave desert, which just feels like nowhere.  He got orders to Okinawa, Japan shortly after we met (like a month?) so I hurried and graduated, we got hitched, and we moved all in the span of 2.5 months (well, we dated a total of 6 months before all that).  Fast forward through 3 years in Oki (or on the Rock), 4 years in Las Vegas, 3 years in Texas (one of which dh spent in Korea), and here we are in Italy.  Oh yeah, and in all that time we had three kids, ages almost 9, 7, and 4.5.  A smattering of animals too, none of which were treated nicely by any of the children and so now we are pet free.  Though I do want a horse when we get back to God’s Country (yeah, so much for the native Californian bit, I love Texas!).

 Anyway, I hope you enjoy keeping up with us and our adventures in Italy!  And the rest of Europe of course.


3 responses to “About

  1. Michelle (Mostachetti) Gray

    Hi Nancy,
    Your mom forwarded your blog site. Awesome!! Keep documenting your tour. Italy was always on our list of bases to be statiioned, but we just couldn’t get there.

    Bill and I have started planning for a trip to Italy next year. Who knows… maybe we can see you guys too!!

    Michelle (still in Houston!)

  2. Lindsay

    Ok where are all the fun details about what you are doing over in Italy?

  3. Dayana Russin

    Hi Nancy,

    Dayana here! We are moving to the Azores in a couple of months. Would love to hop to Italy and get together with you for a latte.

    We miss ya!

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