Field Trip Acero Rosso

Today I went with Zach’s class to a farm in Sacile.  We went with another first grade class from one of the Italian elementary schools in Aviano.  It was raining (of course) so luckily they have a bunch of covered areas and we went into one where the cavallo (horse) was.  Each kid was given a picture of a farm animal and told (through translators, the guy at the farm didn’t speak any English) to make their animal sound and find all the other kids that were making the same sound.  We only had one problem, for a pig the American kids were all saying “oink oink” and Italian kids were all making a snorting sound lol.  A cultural difference probably no one has considered before!  They all managed to find their group and each group was pretty evenly split between the two schools.

We went into another area set up with tables.  There were tons of plants and that is when I wondered if this was more nursery than farm.  I wanted to go shop for plants instead of help with the kids lol.  The kids made a farm animal necklace/name tag and then drew a picture.  They talked about mammals vs. birds and then got to pet a 4 day old lamb and a 2 week old gosling.

insert pics

Then we went back where the horse was and they talked about the horse and how it was different than some of the other animals.

Then back to the nursery area and he brought out a rabbit.  I asked if they raised them to eat and they said no.  I think my landlords would be disappointed!

We boarded the Aviano scuola bus (our base tour bus was too big to get into the farm) and headed back out to our bus.  The Italian school bus was NOT comfortable at all, the seats were hard plastic and tiny (not meant for adult behinds I guess).  At least Alyssa’s bus out here in Caneva has padded bench seats.  Anyway, we headed off to Casa Bianca for lunch.  The kids had pizza, except for Zach, Mr. Food Allergy.  He had steak and fries.  And people feel sorry for him!!  I had the lasagna.  I am not sure what kind of cheese they use, but it is the BEST lasagna EVER.  Topped it off with a cappuccino.  Zach did miss out on the gelato but I told him he could have one of his allergen-free brownies when he got home from school.

Can you believe the first graders were better behaved than the third graders I went with yesterday?  And I also think the American class was better behaved than the Italian class.  It’s good to know kids are kids no matter where you go!



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