Field Trip! Iron and Pasta

Brandon’s 3rd grade class went on a field trip today to visit a blacksmith and a pasta factory in Sacile.  I’m not sure if the two really go together, but it was an interesting trip!  We boarded the school bus (which here means European tour bus) and were off to Sacile, about 30 mins from base via slow bus.

First stop was the blacksmith.  I’d seen the shop several times as it is on SS 13, the main street through Sacile and Pordenone, but I didn’t know what it was exactly that they did there!  The guy was really nice, though I don’t think he spoke a word of English.  Brandon’s teacher, Mrs. Hernandez, did the translating so the kids could ask questions and understand what he was telling them.  He first sketched out a design, explaining to the kids that they do this to get an idea of what the customer wants and to make sure it will all come together nicely. 

picture to add

Then they do the actual iron work.  The kids were amazed by how hot the oven was.  He was telling them they used to use coal fires (like I used when I took Farrier Science, aka Horseshoeing 101, in college) but due to the health hazards of the soot they had to switch to gas ovens.  He made it look so easy, twisting and flattening and curling the hot metal.  Past experience making a horseshoe out of straight bar stock told me it was NOT that easy lol.  The business is a family business and I think he’s been working iron 20+ years.  He seemed to be about my age, maybe a little younger.  The kids seemed fascinated.

add picture of iron work samples

After we finished up there, we boarded the bus and headed to the pasta factory.  The guy at the pasta factory was a hoot.  He was great with the kids and seemed like it’d be fun to hang out with him and have a cappuccino lol.  He would try and say the ingredients in English (he didn’t speak a lot of English, but more than they blacksmith did) and the kids would say it back in Italian and it confused him for a second.  Anyway, he made gnocchi (potato dumplings) from scratch and in the machine and then he made pasta by hand and in the machines.  He made different types of pasta, tagliatelli (I think), spaghetti, raviolis (a few different shapes), and tortellinis (about 5 different styles).  I wanted to sample some, but they only sell wholesale to restaraunts around town.  We did get some dried pasta to take home and it was very good. 

add pasta pics

Then it was time for lunch.  We ate at Alla Forcate in Sacile.  I had a four cheese pizza w/out reading what the four cheeses were.  One of them was dark and moldy looking and VERY salty.  I guess I’ll stick with my Pizza Diavalo (usually marinara, mozzarella, and hot salami~~asking for pepperoni here will get you peppers, not meat!).  The kids all ate well and were quite noisy.  They even got gelato for dessert!  Then we boarded the bus and headed back to school.  I ran off to grab a cappuccino while waiting for school to let out and then I drove the boys home, kind of a treat since they usually ride the bus.


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