Cub Scout Pack meeting

We had our Pack meeting out at what is referred to as “Area D”.  I am still not sure just how many “areas” there are to this base!  Anyway, the boys worked on their softball belt loops and then we had a BBQ.  It was really wet out (yeah, more rain!) but they did all right and since it didn’t actually rain on us, I tried not to complain.  I got a chance to chat with my other cub scout mom friends while the men all did the sports stuff.  Doug worked on catching and throwing.  They also worked on batting and rules of the game, then had a “game” if you can call it that when you only have enough people to field one team and rotate out who gets to bat! 

Zach had a big moment, he was awarded his Bobcat Badge.  They pin it on upside down and he has to do a good deed before I can sew it on right side up.  They also presented me with a Bobcat pin since I’m his adult partner.  I had to put mine on upside down and had to do a good deed to turn it right side up.  Lucky for us, it is TCT Sunday at church tomorrow (Tomorrow’s Church Today, the kids “run” the service, Zach will be workin Sound) and it’s my turn to teach Sunday school to the 4 year olds.  We’ll have those Bobcats upright in no time!

Once again, I’ll add pics when I get them edited and uploaded.


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