Whacking Rabbits!

Warning!!!  Not for animal lovers!  Feel free to skip!  No pictures though.

The landlords were whacking rabbits today.  Literally.  The kids were fascinated and wanted to watch.  I figured they either would think it was interesting from a sciencey point of view, or we’d have three vegetarians on our hands.

No vegetarians.  Instead I have three kids that can tell you how to whack a rabbit.  And all the other stuff necessary to fix that sucker up to eat.  It amazed me that they had no qualms about any of it.  Not the blood, the guts, or anything.  Even Alyssa.  Very matter-of-fact about it all.  And they all couldn’t WAIT to tell their friends!

The rabbits were, um, cleaned on Saturday and we grilled one up on Sunday (nothing like having your kid show up at the front door with a rabbit hanging on a hook and big smile plastered on his face).  It met one of Brandon’s Cub Scout acheivements.  He had to cook something outdoors.  Most kids probably cook up a hot dog or a s’more.  Not my kid, he grilled a rabbit! 

I’m sure this is one of the things about Italy that they will always remember.


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