Lignano Zoo

The squadron spouses group set up a trip to the Lignano Zoo.  On a tour bus.  So I didn’t have to drive!  I did have to pay 10 Euro a seat, but the squadron paid for our admission to the zoo.  The weather in Aviano was nasty, it was pourind down rain and miserable.  But we figured we’d go, it was supposed to be nice in Lignano (which is on the Adriatic Sea) until about 5 pm, when the nasty Aviano weather would catch up.  So off we went, hoping for the best but not expecting much.  Boy were we surprised!
It was overcast when we arrived, and you could tell it had rained recently by the puddles on the ground, but it cleared up quickly and the sun came out and it got warm enough that the kids all shed their jackets and gave them to me to carry!  We saw meerkats, koi, the reptile house, some of the big cats, zebras, giraffes, and the playground before lunch.  We brown-bagged it in the picnic area as a group, then headed out to find the lions, tigers, and bears, Oh My!  They also had camels, wallabies, emu, and lots of different birds.  The sea lions were a hit too!  It was a smallish zoo, especially compared the ones I’ve been to (San Diego zoo and wild animal park, L.A. zoo, etc) but it was very clean and well kept.  Some of the enclosures seemed small to me, but the animals were all healthy looking.  Not very stroller friendly as all the pathways are gravel, but all in all a nice place to spend a few hours.  Went to the bar after we were done and kids got gelato or ice pops and the grown ups had various types of coffee.  Then we loaded up and headed home, only to find out it had done nothing but rain all day in Aviano while we were off enjoying the sun and the animals!
Will add pictures one of these days.

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