Driving Adventure

After church this morning, we took off with no particular destination in mind.  After going through several tunnels that were very long (I think one was almost 5K), we ended up at Lake Barcis and got out of the car and let the kids climb around on the rocks and pick some wild flowers.  (The camera was home on the desk, so you’ll have to click the link to see other peoples’ pictures).  After amassing a small amount of clay on their persons, we trecked back to the car and headed out, sort of towards home but not in a hurry. Well, Doug and I were not in a hurry.  The back seat sounded like “Are we home yet?” “Can we watch Ratatouille again?” “Hey!  Quit kicking me!” “I’m hungry.” etc.  I bet if an auto manufacturer would put a sound-proof dividing wall between the front seats and the back, they would corner the market on family cars.

After much fussing, squabbling, crying, and threats to pull the car over, we managed to pull ourselves together and find a place to eat.  We ended up at Ristorante Pulcinella which I think was in the town of Fortogna di Longarone.  I have no idea where that was.  All I know was the waiter was friendly, though he spoke very limited English (German and French were his other languages, my French is too rusty to be of much help), and the pizza was awesome!  The house wine (vino della casa) was great, and dessert (some sort of ice cream ball w/chocolate powder on it drowned in espresso) was to die for.

 We got on the Autostrada on the way home, a first for us since we got here.  Actually got to break 100 kph lol.  And it was only €2 toll when we got off.  Since the kids were fed (and we caved and turned on Ratatouille), the back seat was quiet and we had a pleasant trip back home.  Thank goodness for the Navigon GPS .  Without it, I doubt we would be this adventurous!  Can’t wait till our next driving adventure.


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