Buona Pasqua!

Or Happy Easter!

Look Mom!  The Easter Bunny came!

 We didn’t do much to celebrate.  Of course, the Easter bunny made the long trip from the States (the Italians don’t do the Easter Bunny) and left the kids some candy.  Our landlords gave each of the kids a big chocolate egg with a prize inside (Italian tradition), in addition to the two that the kids won at the squadron Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  Speaking of the squadron Easter hunt, they did more than just hunt eggs.


We were crafty together.  Each kid got to make an Easter rabbit picture frame.  They also got to color eggs.  I think this was to distract them while hundreds of candy-filled, plastic, diabetes-inducing eggs were hidden outside.

It POURED while the kids were out hunting eggs.  The camera had a hard time focusing because of the rain and/or the poor lighting condidtions, so I didn’t bother (on my painfully slow dial up connection) to upload any pictures of the actual hunt.  As soon as the kids were done with the hunt, it started to hail.  And then it really started to hail, you could see the hailstones bouncing all over as they hit the ground.  They still had fun!

 Anyway.  Back to Easter Sunday.  We went to church after the kids had their sugar fix and then went to the commissary.  I’m not sure that is the most holy way to spend the holiest of Sundays, but the commissary was closed Monday for the Italian holiday Pasquetta, and we were running out of staples.  I was told the Italians like to picnic for Pasquetta.  Too bad for them it rained!  At least it didn’t hail.

After we got home from the commissary, I managed to stall the kids for a couple hours but finally gave in and hid eggs in our yard.  Once again, it started to rain.  Not much luck with the weather!  Maybe next year we’ll have sun.

Hope your Easter was blessed as well!


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  1. Stephanie H

    It sounds like your first Easter overseas (2008) will be one to remember!

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