Adventures with Alyssa

Alyssa is on “Spring Break” since Pasqua (Easter) is this Sunday.  Today we went to Sacile to try and find a middle school that offers Italian language classes for adults.  For free!  We found the building, but I didn’t think about them being closed for Spring break as well.  But at least I got the location saved in my GPS.  I’ll try again next Friday!  Then we went to visit our property manager Roberto and pick up a receipt we need to reimburse the landlords for painting the place before we moved in.  His office is in a small mall, so after we visited with him we went into the cafe and had cappuccino and croissants (don’t know how to spell what they are called in Italian).  Then we went to a couple of other shops and bought light bulbs at one and a baby gift (congrats Joe and Laura!) at the other.  We then drove through Pordenone and went up to the base to check the mail (there was none, please send mail~~it makes our day!).  On the way home we stopped at the market in Caneva.  It’s small, but Alyssa enjoyed it.  She bought a pineapple, and we looked at shoes and flowers.  Then we went down the street and had gelato (Italian ice cream that is 1000X better than ice cream).  After we got home, the landlords invited us over for caffe and juice.  After an hour of charades and me looking stuff up in my Italian/English dictionary it was time to go wait for the boys.  I’m hoping that one day next week the weather will be clear and I’ll get to take Alyssa up to Piancavallo to play in the snow.  Right now it looks like it might be snowing up there, so we will pray for clear weather on Monday!


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