We had our first visitors, though they did not stay with us.  My “Aunt” Toni (my mom’s best friend growing up) and “Uncle” Jim came to visit along with some of their friends from Germany (Alexandra, Stefan, Inge, Rolf, and Deeter~~hope I spelled all those right!).  They came in Monday evening and stayed somewhere south of Pordenone.  Tuesday the weather cleared enough to go to the Aviano market and walk around.  We also stopped and had a variety of hot beverages at a bar (a bar here is not like a bar in the states, they have coffee and food usually, in addition to wine and beer).  I had a cappuccino, Jim had a caffe (which, much to his dismay, was about the size of a thimble), Toni had hot chocolate with milk, and I think it was Inge who had plain hot chocolate, which was the consistency of a melted chocolate bar!  Then we all piled back into the 9 passenger rental van and headed towards Caneva.  Along the way we stopped at a winery I’ve been wanting to visit.  The Rive had an amazing view of the cities around. 

 View from Rive

We could see Aviano, Sacile, Pordenone and who knows what else!  Even though there was cloud cover, the air was clear (not hazy like it had been) so visibility was very good.  We went in and sampled several wines and I think most everyone left with a bottle or two (or three).

 Wine tasting

Upon arriving home, Toni and I waited for the kids to come home on the school buses and the rest of the crew went on an adventure to find a late lunch.  That evening we went to the Aviano Inn for dinner.  I was told they have a gluten free pizza, but found out that you have to order a day in advance, so Zach was very disappointed he couldn’t have pizza after all.  The next morning Alyssa and I met the group in Sacile at the train station.  We had cappuccino (well, I did, Alyssa had some of the foam) and then boarded the 9:04 train bound for Venezia (Venice to you non-Italians).  The train ride is about an hour and 20 minutes.  We walked from the station to the Rialto bridge, stopping occassionaly for pictures and to eat lunch. 

 Lunch in venice


Rialto Bridge, Venice

At that point, Alyssa and I took the vaparetto (water taxi) back to the train station so we could buy return tickets to be home in time to pick the boys up from the bus stop.  3 hours isn’t enough time to do a lot in Venice, so everyone else stayed behind and made it to San Marco Square, and then got lost eating dinner in Sacile.  Can’t wait till we get our next round of visitors!



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4 responses to “Visitors

  1. Kathi

    Hi Toni and Jim. Proof that you made it there!!

  2. "Aunt" Toni

    You did get a lot of me in pictures! We all had fun!!

  3. Stefan from Germany

    Oh it was a great journey to Italy. We all really had a lot of fun. And now I hope to see you (Nancy + Doug and your kids) here in Germany sometimes!

  4. Mary LeBlanc

    Hi Nancy, It is good that Venice isn’t so far so you can return some day as it is really a fun place. Vince and Michelle are thinking of going to Italy in Sept. We will be getting his Art degree in June and Italy being an Art center really appeals to them. Michelle is a History and Latin lover.

    It sounds like you are having many wonderful experiences there.


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