View from Piancavallo

The boys were off of school on Friday (teacher inservice day) so I sent Alyssa off to her Asilo and took the boys up to the mountains to do some sledding.  We rented snow boots and snow pants, and a couple of sleds.  After getting set up with our equipment we set off for the drive up the mountain.  It’s about 20 minutes from the Mountain Highway and it’s a lot of curves and switchbacks.  I was worried the boys would get car sick but they both were fine.

The boys hadn’t been sledding since we went with The Kids’ Co-op Preschool in Las Vegas when they were 4 and 5 (snow is hard to come by in Texas).  As usual though, they had no fear and hopped right on and started going.


 After a few runs, I was able to convince one of them to fess up their sled so I could take a turn.  I think they were thankful that they could take a break from walking up the hill (did I mention my main reason for going was to wear them out?).

 Me sledding

While they raced and had snowball fights, I tried to take in some of the scenery.  It was beautiful up there, the sun was out and there weren’t many clouds directly overhead.  As time went by though the clouds started to come in and by the time we left it was pretty overcast.  But I got some good pictures before the sun disappeared.



 Once the sun was gone, it stayed gone all weekend and we got a lot of rain.  Of course this morning we wake up to sunshine and clear skies but it is off to school for the kids and off to work for Doug.  Sigh.


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