Here comes the sun!

It’s been cold and rainy and foggy and hazy here for about two weeks, so I had kind of forgotten what it was like when the sun is out.  My first thought upon seeing it was going to be a clear day was, “I can hang my laundry out!”.

So I did.  Now I’ve got three loads out (um, a load in an Italian washer is about 1/4 what you can fit in a ginormous American washer) and the sun is shining on them, 4th load is in the washer and should be ready to hang in about an hour and half.  Seriously.

Since the weather was so nice, my friend Corinne and I went to Sacile to check out the market.  This market is bigger than the one in Aviano, and Sacile is such a pretty little town.  It is built around the Livenza River and is reminiscent of Venice.  Without the crowds (well, not including market day).

Sacile Market

After shopping for a while we stopped and had cappuccinos and chocolate filled croissants.  When the caffiene hit it was time to head home and catch up on some house work.  Like throwing away (I mean recycling, have you seen the garbage problems in Naples?) boxes and stuff that have been sitting around since we moved in 1.5 months ago!

Recycling CenterRecycling Center

We don’t have the luxury of curb-side pick up here though, so I have to walk (when I don’t have much or the children are home to force into slave labor) or drive (when I have enough that I have to actually remove car seats in order to fit it all in) my garbage to the appropriate containers.  We recycle all paper, glass, metal, and some plastics, and our food garbage is all composted.  There are also bins for batteries (but not car batteries) and leftover/outdated medications  Anything else is non-recyclable dry waste and is picked up every other week from one tiny can we put out in front of the house.  After filling half of one of the big yellow bins with cardboard and packing paper, I turned around and saw this pretty shot of the bell tower in Stevena di Caneva.

Stevena di Caneva Bell Tower

The boys are due home on the bus in a few minutes, so I need to log off and get back to real life!


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  1. lindsay

    Everything looks so pretty. I’m glad you had such a nice day.

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