To Market, To Market….

to buy yarn and the Most Expensive Strawberries Ever???

 I ventured out in the rain today to try and find 1 meter of “nastro di rasatello sottile di un colore tenue”.  My Italian is still limited to pleasantries, finding the bathroom, and ordering a cappuccino (though not in that order).  The note that came home with dd from the Asilo on Friday had me stumped (the fact that “nastro” was sloppily hand-written in and I thought it was “maestro”, Italian for “teacher”, really threw me off).  Near as I could gather from my Italian-English dictionary and assorted on line searches, I was looking for one meter of thin, light colored, something.  The something turned out to be “nastro” or ribbon.  However, “rasatello” was not in my dictionary and only one on line translation came back with any suggestion, and that was “sateen”.  The nice people at the Italian fabric store tried to help but could not (they must not have seen “nastro” either as they were pulling off bolts of fabric, not ribbon, to show me).  So I drove out to the market in Aviano today.  In the rain.  By myself.  I wish I were the adventuresome sort, but I am decidedly not when I am alone.

 You may be wondering what is the big deal, it is just going shopping, is it not???  Parking.  That is what the big deal is.  Italians seem to park anywhere they feel like parking (including halfway into the lane of traffic).  I am not Italian.  In fact, I am used to parking lots the size of small state parks.  Like the one at Wal Mart back home.  I do not parallel park, though I have tried.  So I had to park several blocks away to find head-in parking. 

 Did you know that you can buy just about anything at an Italian open air market?  I saw everything from grape vines (wanna start your own winery?), to fruit trees, flowers, rugs, toiletries, clothing (to include bras and panties and other unmentionables), raw fish, cheese, produce galore, umbrellas, scarves, yarn (beautiful yarn, scrumptious!), cross stitch kits, fabric, sewing notions, and pets (he had puppies, parakeets, and canaries).  The nice people at the fabric stand finally, in broken English, informed me that I needed ribbon and not fabric, but it had to be shiny, not like the kind they had. 

 At this time I would like to point out that I have, tucked away in my vast stash of sewing stuff, pale green, shiny, thin ribbon.  And over a meter of it as well!  Had I known this, I would have not dealt with the Parking Anxiety.  But since I was already there and I didn’t have to spend my (dh’s) hard-earned Euro (really need to figure out how to make the symbol) on nastro di rasatello, I thought I would buy strawberries.


  I must have misread the sign because when she told me it was almost 6 Euro I had to make sure my mouth didn’t hit the floor and just concentrate on nodding and smiling.  They had better be good!  ($1 only buys .63 Euro, you can do the math if you want.)  After that I hit the yarn vendor and bought 50g of a merino wool blend, super soft, fuzzy yarn that I hope to knit into a scarf.Merino Wool Yarn 

Before it warms up.  Which, I am starting think, is not happening any time soon.



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6 responses to “To Market, To Market….

  1. Stephanie H

    I found myself laughing and smiling while I reading of your adventures!

    We’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you’re all doing. It is so good to hear from you!!

  2. T

    Aaaahhhhh, you bring back memories of us moving to Germany!!!!
    At lease you can sound out the words in Europe. In Japan, you couldn’t sound out squiggle marks!!
    Enjoy this unique time!!
    Miss You!!

  3. So good to read what is going on with you over on the other side of the world! I am glad you are little by little settling in. I am sure it helps a lot to have internet again ~

    We miss you in TX and I am glad to read you are braving the Italian market….how fun!

  4. Yay! Nancy is blogging! :o) My husband is so envious, he spent 2 years in the Catania (sp?) area and wants very badly to drag me back (I’m afraid of flying over the sea!)

  5. Mary LeBlanc

    Hi Nancy,

    Your mom shared this address with me. Love to read your impressions.

    I wanted to make a comment about the price of strawberries. We had some problems in Europe where sellers upped their prices as soon as we opened our mouths. We learned to ask prices first and even get it in writing (I carried a pad and pencil) before we pulled our money out. Dennis was very good at dickering and walking away. I’m more shy about that.

    Will bookmark your blog. Too bad the dollar is so weak right now. Is there anything you need or crave I might send you from Pismo Beach?

    Oh, and someone told me that women shouldn’t walk the streets alone in Italy.

    Have a fun time, Mary

  6. horsesjapan

    Jess~~The windows on the plane would be closed, you could just pretend you were over land.

    Mary~~This area isn’t a big tourist area, so I don’t think vendors are as likely to try and take advantage as say the vendors in Venice (or the gondola boat guys). I don’t mind walking by myself during daylight, I see old ladies out alone all the time. Again, probably something I’m less inclined to do in a big city/tourist area. I have ordered a new purse that is harder to pick-pocket!

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