Benvenuti! Welcome!

So we have been in Italy two months exactly now. I still feel unsettled. Living in another part of the world always takes some getting used to. Cultural differences, language barries, and driving are among the biggest obstacles now. I kinda miss my 24 hour Wal Mart, or any store (including a gas station) that doesn’t shut it’s doors from 12-3 or whenever they might feel like opening back up again!

At least we have an internet connection now. We only signed up about a week after we got here. It’s not all the fault of the Italian phone/internet company, I had to actually find parking (2.5 blocks away) and go to a local hardware store to get some sort of phone adapter deal to plug a phone line into.


I was too chicken to go earlier and finally got brave enough last Thursday. But we still couldn’t get on line till Monday. It’s very hard to figure anything out when all the information (including the contract with all the legalese) is in Italian and I can only sit with the Italian-to-English dictionary for so long before my eyes cross.

Eventually my plan is to blog back to the beginning (ie leaving Houston) and write down everything, inlcuding icing over in Germany on the way here, so we’ll see how that goes. We may be missing some pictures from various things like our layover in Frankfurt and Venice (just an FYI, 110 volt things like computers do not even want to think about being plugged in before switching them to 220, silly me thought I could plug it in then switch it before actually powering on–oops–and yes, I did take physics in both high school and college). Pray with me that a new power supply will soothe the insulted computer and allow me to recover all the I had pictures taken since the movers packed up all our stuff. Two months’ worth of birthday, Christmas, New Years, family visit, Frankfurt, Venice, and other assorted memories. Gone in a spark and puff of smoke.

I must go fix dinner. The dollar is too weak to the Euro to go out and eat any fine Italian cuisine, so I’m stuck in the kitchen. Till next time!



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5 responses to “Benvenuti! Welcome!

  1. Carla Moore

    Hi Nancy,

    It was so good to finally hear from you! I love your blog idea.

    Do the kids attend school on base? How does dh like his new job?

    I hope you can recover your pics….I am anxious to hear the whole story and about your journey from the states to Italy!!!!

    Keep in touch 🙂

  2. Mom

    So, were the strawberries good? How much did that come to, about $3.60? I just spent $3.00 for 1 lb. at Raleys. They were huge and o.k. tasting. Had some Wal-Mart gigantic ones and they were good.

  3. horsesjapan

    Carla~~the boys go to school on base and they enjoy it and seem to like school. DD goes to an Italian preschool (called an Asilo, but the “s” sounds like a “z”). She is the only American there, so she’s surrouned by the Italian language for 8 hours a day. I’m told it’ll take 4-6 months for her to be fluent! Dh wants to retire. Does that say enough about his job??

    Mom~~ € 6 is about $9. I think the berries were € 7.80 per kg. 2.2 pounds per kilo. Translates to roughly $5.50/lb. Yes, they were good, but not THAT good! See, I learned how to make the € symobl! PS, your comment is under the wrong post and I don’t know if I can or how to move it!

  4. Hey Nancy!
    I think it’s awesome that you’re living in Italy! That picture you have of the laundry hanging looks SO much like California.

    Oh, and how do you make the euro symbol?

    Great hearing from you and I hope to hear more!

    Your cousin,

    ~Mike Woodley

  5. Jane Woodley

    Nancy ! Nancy! Nancy!
    I love this blog idea!!!Keep it going…
    We are all enjoying your adventures
    Miss you and love you
    Uncle Jane(and Aunt Randy,even though he is at work)

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